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What a Treat to Go to Retreat

The quilt guild I belong to has a free Saturday sew once a month from September through May. I used to go to it pretty often but life seems to get in the way. The guild also has a once a year retreat that you pay to go. My thought was always why would I pay to sew with friends when I can go on a Saturday and sew with friends for FREE. Not make this mistake, it's not the same.

A new person joined our guild and we became friends quickly and she had been quilting for awhile. They mentioned the retreat at the September meeting that it would be held in February. I explained my theory to her. She said, ``It's not the same, it's so much fun!" She said "We're going so start saving your money."

I started stashing little bits of money away in my sewing bag. If I returned something to a store the money would go in my sewing bag. A little here a little there and I soon had enough money to go.

Then came backing for retreat, I had know idea how many projects to take and what else I would need. Sewing machine (now sometimes 2 different ones), rulers, fabric, cushion to sit on, extra lighting, travel iron, small folding ironing table, and different color threads. We have a snack table so candy and homemade bake goods are always welcome. We don't cook at this retreat, it's in a hotel.

I found out on my first retreat I didn't take enough projects to sew. You're not multitasking with answering the phone, cooking, washing clothes, and anything else that needs your help in the house. You just sit and sew, laugh a lot, and eat. After going there for the first time, I go every year, it was a lot of fun.

I worked ripping papers out from my English Paper Piecing.

Then I machine appliqued a few.

I also go twice a year to a farmhouse retreat. We take turns making a meal. We've been going to it so long it feels like home. They have goats that we go out and talk to and feed. The owners are very welcoming.

If you've never gone to one I highly recommend it! I go every chance I can. It's so much fun with people that enjoy the same hobby.

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