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Pittsburgh native Sheila Drevna began her quilting journey in 2004 after a serious illness which resulted in permanent, severe motor and sensory nerve damage in 2000. With a grim prognosis for walking and using her hands, she began therapeutics to promote healing. With great determination and dedication to physical and occupational therapy she regained some use of her hands and began to walk with a cane. When she needed something to occupy her time, she enrolled in a beginner quilting class at a local quilt shop. Her first project was to complete two 12” blocks, and she had one month to do them. Within six months she was assembling her first quilt by using spring loaded scissors, rubber pencil adapters and many other tools so that she could trace templates and stitch. All the while, she was making new friends and gaining knowledge from her quilting friends. Soon a new member of a local quilt guild, Sheila entered her completed quilt into her first show. It was at a quilt show that Sheila was first introduced to longarm quilting and the machines that would someday become part of her daily life. She would test out the machines at the shows and became excited about owning one of her own someday. She bought her first machine used through a local seller and had it for a year before making the decision to purchase a brand new Handi Quilter Fusion with a ProStitcher computer system. Applying her passion to learn new things, Sheila became proficient on her machine and is now excited to share her skills with customers from all over the country.
Sheila started teaching and lecturing for quilt shops and quilt guilds. In 2022 she started creating, selling her own patterns, and teaching collage quilts.  

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