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Preparing Your Quilt For Longarm Quilting

After you have your quilt top completed you should do some preparation to have it quilted.  You have spent money and worked many hours at making a beautiful quilt. These next steps will help it get the beautiful quilting finish you want. 

  • Cut off all hanging threads on the back. These threads can shadow through the top of your quilt. Check for threads on the front too.

  • If you don't have a border, stay stitch around the perimeter of the quilt. This will stop the seams from opening up. 

  • Make sure your top is squared up. Measure it top, middle, and bottom in both directions. The 3 measurements should be close to the same number. 

  • Press your top making sure the seams are pressed to the darkest fabric. If it's pressed to the lighter fabric, you could have shadowing coming through to the front. Check that there are no pins left in the fabric. 

  • Make sure your backing fabric is 5" to 6" bigger than your top all the way around. If your top is 70×80 then your backing fabric should be 80x90. Do not send anymore backing fabric then the required amount. If your backing is much larger than needed, you will be charged for cutting it to the correct size. Make sure your backing fabric is squared up and if you pieced it that the edges are even.  The backing should be pressed with no folded creases. 

  • Fold the quilt top and backing fabric separate and bring in a plastic bag.

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