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Designing Patterns and Teaching

Some of you know I recently taught at the NE Ohio Quilt Show in Wooster, Ohio. I now have a new understanding of how much work goes into getting ready to teach.

The first thing to do after getting contacted to teach is to sign a contract, give a class description, supply list for students to bring and a picture. The supply list started out easy, then while I was laying in bed I would think of something to add to the list.

I tried to take a head shot of me for advertising the class. I propped my phone up on a crock filled with quilts then a box onto of that to hold my phone up. I finally got my head shot.

I needed to create the pattern to have it printed. I had my drawing but writing is not my strong point. I wrote and rewrote my directions. They made sense to me but would others know what I'm describing? I had a friend proof read the directions.

I tried to design my pattern cover in Canva (a free app). It didn't work well to have it fit my paper for printing. Luckily for me my husband taught graphics so he helped me design it in Corel Draw. I'm getting better at using Corel Draw. I try to keep my lime green branding color and my longarm logo on all my patterns and posts on FB and Instagram.

The pattern needed to be tested. I called a few friends and asked them if they would test my pattern. They made the Pumpkin Patch and gave me some feedback to improve the instructions.

After checking and double checking for spelling errors and making sure the cover looked good it was ready to print. I saved the pattern cover and supply list, the pattern, and the instructions on my thumb drive. I went to the printer but she could use the files unless they were saved as a PDF file. I had forgotten to convert my files to a PDF file. I went back home and fixed saved them as a PDF file. Then I returned to the printer and she printed all the pages. I left and recieved a call from the printer. She forgot to give my my thumb drive back. I was so excited when I finally got home with everything printed. My patterns were finally ready to package. I had ordered clear hanging sleeves from Etsy. I sat in the livingroom and folded the 3 sheets and put them in the hanging sleeves. The patterns were done. Yeah!

I wanted to make some packages of various fabrics that students could purchase. I went through my stash and started cutting fabrics. I cut orange and black fabrics and made small packages. I also cut black batting they could purchase to finish their pumpkins.

I was teaching 2 classes. The second class was a binding class. I quilted 3 squares 24x24 to have at various stages of binding. I made bias and straight grain binding.

It was a few days before my classes and it was time to pack. I decided the best way would be to have each class and supplies in 2 different suitcases.

The teaching was really fun. I love interacting with people. Its fun to see how they use my pattern but their fabric choices makes each one so different. I think in both classes the students learned something new they can use while quilting.

This is a students end result. It turned out great!

Next time it will be so much easier to get ready.

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