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To Infinity and Beyond!

I have a lot of men's ties, I mean A LOT! People give them to me and I needed to find something to make with them. One day I pulled out a box of ones that were already dismantled and pressed. I thought why not just sew them together wide end to narrow end to make a larger piece of fabric.

Then the idea of making an infinity scarf popped into my head. It will work! I pulled up a YouTube video on how to make an infinity scarf. I cut my tie fabric piece into a rectangle and sewed it with right sides together down the length forming a tube.

Next was to reach up through it and pul the end back through and twist it so the seams on the two openings were on opposite sides. I pinned around the circle leaving about a 2" opening to pull it right side out.

I sewed around the opening and back stitched at beginning and end. Then I reached into the opening and pulled it right side out. It looked awesome! I had stitched the opening closed.

I've been commissioned to make several of these as memory scarves for widows. It makes a lovely gift.

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