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Spinning Out Of Control

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Have you ever had that one quilt where things just don’t go right from beginning to end. I’m not a miniature quilt making person. I would rather make a big quilt. A local quilt shop had a go sew along for miniature quilts. One of my quilting friends talked me into doing it. I'm a very social person and it meant I would meet new people, so why not.

My seems kept twisting because I didn't use my stiletto to help the fabric through the feed dogs. Question is do I use “Jack the Ripper” and fix it? Do I just clip the seam allowance and press it the right way? Do I just leave it? To me it depends on what the quilt it for. If it’s just for me to have in the house I might just leave it but, sometimes it just doesn’t look good from the front. I usually would clip it and press it the right direction. If it’s a show quilt I would definitely rip out and fix it correctly.

Then I had it all together and was so happy I got my borders on. I’d rather bind a quilt than add borders. I just hate all the measuring top, middle, and bottom to average to figure out what length to cut my borders. This was such a little thing it didn’t bother me too much. I took a picture of it all completed and texted it to a group text I have with quitting friends. I was so PROUD!

I had it on my design wall and I went to my sewing machine to start sewing on a new project. I received messages back saying how nice it was. Then I looked up at my design wall and saw this.

Do I rip off the borders and rip out the seams to fix it? Do I just let it go? What would you do? It would have really bothered me. I had to take the borders off that side to get to the bow tie. Then rip out the bow tie and spin it to the right direction. Next sew those borders back on. Yes, it took some time but I was glad it was fixed.

Do you like the fabric? I like working in Civil War reproduction fabrics. The burgundy red fabric reminds me of men's boxer shorts. Why on earth would I buy it when that's what it reminds me of.

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