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She Said What?

I enjoyed a visit to a local guild's quilt show this week. As I walked around looking at the beautiful quilts, I overheard a lady saying "I think that's called meandering." That took me back to the first time I walked into a quilt guild meeting. It was like I was listening to a foreign language.

There was talk about sashings, cornerstones, fat quarters, UFO’s, stash, and jellyrolls. I got it when they talked about the border of quilts but then someone said it's wonky. Umm, my guess was it meant it was sewn crooked. When they said FABRIC, I knew what fabric was! I guess almost every hobby has its own lingo. Ours seems to have a lot of pastry words, and then the pastry words turn into fat quarters.

Let’s talk about the word stash. There's fabric stash and money stash. In order to grow your fabric stash you need to grow your money stash. Here’s a tip! When I wash clothes, any money left in any pockets goes into my money stash. When my husband asks me to return something to Home Depot, they ask, "Do you want the money returned to the card or cash?" I say cash, because that money goes into my money stash. Before long my money stash has grown so I can increase my fabric stash. When I go out to lunch with the girls, the waitress puts the meal on one check. I pay with my card and they give me cash for their part of the check. That cash goes into my stash. Do you have other inventive ways to increase your money stash?

I have learned over the years about UFO’s and PHD’s. Unfinished objects and projects half-done have increased over the years in my sewing room. I seem to enjoy finishing other quilters’ UFO’s and PHD’s but not my own.

I often wonder what happened that they didn't get it finished. With my own UFOs, I might just lose interest or I'm more interested in the next project. Back to our quilter’s language. What is the term or word that was so confusing to you when you started your quilting journey?

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1 Comment

Judith Pennington-Davis
Judith Pennington-Davis
Apr 28, 2022

Great article Shelia! I am always working on my stash!

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