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Folding Work Surface

Supplies Needed

▪︎2 boards 9x12x1/4

▪︎1 sheet extra fine grit sandpaper

▪︎1 Omnigrid cutting mat 8x10

▪︎ pretty fabric 2 pieces 13 x 23 and

1 piece13x2

▪︎3 pieces of batting 9x12

▪︎ Elmer's or fabric glue

▪︎ staple gun

▪︎ pencil

A few years back we could make a project at our guild meeting. We were given a list of items to bring to the next meeting if we wanted to make a folding work surface. This is a picture of mine.


1. Apply glue onto one side of both boards. Apply one batting piece on each board. This will make the padded outside of your folding work surface.

2. Lay the boards batting side down onto the wrong side of the fabric leaving a space to put the pencil in there to keep. the gap. You need the gap between the boards so it will be able to fold shut like a book.

3. There should be enough fabric to pull it up and around the boards. Neatly pull the edges of the fabric up and around the boards and staple the fabric edges. It just has to be enough so the raw edges and staples will be covered by the sandpaper and mat. Trim excess fabric.

4. Remove the pencil and glue the narrow strip of fabric (13x2) down the middle, folding the top and bottom raw edges under.

5. Spread glue onto the back of the sandpaper and place it on the left side centered and covering the staples. Do the same with the cutting mat on the right side.

I lay a piece of batting 9x12 inside to keep the sandpaper off the cutting mat when folded. I also keep a piece of freezer paper in there to use when gluing English paper pieces.

The outside is a pressing mat, the sandpaper is great for holding fabric while you trace templates, and the cutting mat is great for cutting small pieces. I use this portable work surface a lot. I take it to retreats and also use when I'm making appliques while sitting on my couch.

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