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Quilting Tools Upcycled!

Quilting tools can be very expensive. I try to use my money wisely for tools I want and need. Finding another use for a tool or a way to use parts differently is a bonus! I use glue sticks a lot for many quilting and crafting projects. The empty glue tubes were laying around and I thought there has to be a use for these. The tubes are perfect holders to safely store your needles. You can write on the tube with a Sharpie marker, the type and size of the needles. I store my hand sewing needles and my machine needles in them. I have one for my Sharps, Betweens, Quilting, Ball point, Metallic, and all the other types of needles. I can carry hand projects in my purse with needles stored safely. Do you have any upcycled items you use in for your quilting projects? #quilting #quiltingtips #upcycle #sewing

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