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Quilters New Year's Resolution

Reading on Factbook, I see a lot of posts where quilters make the resolution to not buy any new fabric this year. They're only going to use the fabric from their stash from years past. Is this even possible?

I will never make this resolution because there's always a need for me to buy fabric. I know for sure I will buy backing fabric. Piecing fabric together from my stash to make a backing is something I just don't like doing. I think a pieced back looks nice. I just don't like making them.

I might make a resolution to use more out of my stash. My sewing room is overflowing with vintage linens and doilies. I might try to make more items with them. I really did enjoy making some pincushions with my vintage pieces

I do need to make a resolution to try to keep my sewing area neater. When I really get into a creative mood I pull fabric from all my cupboards. I have it everywhere! If I'm working on an art quilt I might have fabric, vintage linens, doilies, and yarn everywhere.

Well, after writing this I've decided there's no hope for any of these resolutions. I'm just a creative messy person.

The last two pictures are from Obie's in Goodville, PA.

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