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I might not own a distillery, but I have a Brew!

I bought some doilies at a yard sale. The embroidery was beautiful and hand the stitches were perfect, but the linen was so dirty from laying around for years. It's really very pretty and very dirty.

Look at the stitching so perfect. The pink flowers are made with a stitch called a Colonial Knot. I really loved this piece and used my "Brew" to get it clean.

I don't have a picture of the doily in my Brew bucket, but this is how disgusting the water unusually looks. I think a lot of the dirtiness is from cigarette smoke.

This can work on stained clothes too!

My Brew Recipe

1/2 cup Powder Biz Laundry Additive

1/2 cup Oxiclean

a few squirts of Dawn Dish Liquid

Mix all ingredients hot water then add your linens. Stir to get them completely covered in water. Let them soak for 24 hours stirring occasionally then rinse well. Mix another batch and soak another 24 hours and rinse really well. Lay flat on grass if you can to dry. If you can;'t lay them outside then lay on a towel to dry. If you have items that have dark colors of red, black or navy use a color catcher sheet. The dark dyes tend to bleed so be careful. If you have a bleed, before you dry it add it to a bucket with a lot of Dawn and soak it. The Dawn keeps the dye floating so it doesn't attach to the fabric.

This is my beautiful clean doily. I cut it in half to make a tote bag. Both sides of my bag are the same. I choose the green fabric because red and green are complimentary colors. They are opposite on the color wheel. I quilted the green fabric first with an edge to edge computerized design. I free motion quilted the feathers and pebbles. Now the dirty doily is out of the closet for everyone to enjoy.

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