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Lost Your Sewing Mojo?

Do you lose your quilting and creating mojo in the months of January and February? Here in Pittsburgh it's usually gloomy and cold. Covid along with the gloom and cold has made it even worse. I tend to want to curl up on the couch with a quilt and do nothing.

This past week a group of six of us got together to sew on our guilds raffle quilt. It was so much fun to be with others sewing. My first suggestion for this time of year would be to invite a few friends over to sew. They don't even have to bring machines because you could just do hand sewing. You could do binding, applique, English paper piecing even knit or crochet. It's a way to just get you being creative again. We did machine sew because our friend had extra sewing machines. I don't know about you but I too have extra sewing machines. I really needed to get out and be with my sewing friends. Here's a picture of the quilt we worked on. We'll need more sewing days to get it completed.

Don't sit back thinking no one ever invites me to sew. If everyone does that no one would sew together. Be the person to invite some people. We don't even go to the trouble of making lunch. Everyone just brings their own lunch. Look at your guild membership or friends you know that sew and take the initiative to do the inviting. Even if it's two or three friends it will brighten yours and their day.

Invite some sewing friends out to breakfast or lunch. Ask them to bring a favorite notion they love, or the pattern they want you to make this year. Anything to get you with like minded people discussing your sewing.

If you still don't like to be with people yet you can do a zoom sew time. There's also FaceTime or Duo. These are ways you can sew, talk, and share what you're making.

Sometimes I just don't feel like sewing a quilt. Think of a friend you could cheer up with an unexpected gift. A mug rug is a great gift that doesn't take much time and you can be very creative. A mug rug is a fabric coaster that i like to make a little larger to have enough room for my coffee and a cookie. The person you're sending it to might just need their gloomy winter day brightened. You could even get a group together to do a mug rug exchange. I've done this on a few Facebook groups.

The small projects and friends to sew with really does help me with my winter blues. I'm headed to my sewing room.

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