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Hippy Dippy Flower -Part 4

I entered it into our local guilds quilt show and was awarded a first place ribbon. I still wanted to do a little more work on it so I could enter it into the Unusual Material Catagory at Machine Quiling Expo in New Hampshire. By using some unusual material for flower stamens it would qualify for that category. What unusual material could I use as stamens?

The first thing I thought of was coiled covered wire with a bead on the top. My husband helped me with this and coiled wire and added the beads. We made three separate coils and wrapped the ends together. I glued them down inside my flower.

My next thought was to use the silk flower stamens from the flowers I tore apart. I put one inside one of my flowers and it looked good. I glued them into a flower.

I still wanted something to just push it over the top. I had an idea that I thought would work. I got some weed whacker cord in red. I cut five pieces and went to the stove. Taking each piece and melting the end I pushed it down onto foil to smash the end flat. The flattened end will be the top of the stamen. I smashed the ends flat on all five. Next I heated the other end of them and rolled them together on the foil. Now I had a red stamen with five parts but all together on the other end. I glued that into a flower.

My fiber art quilt was now complete. I loved how it turned out. I learned a lot while making this. I learned how to make couched yarn appliques. I learned how to make a facing. It was also a lot of fun to make.

This picture was before I added the stamens.

I entered it into MQX in New Hampshire and it was accepted in 2020, but because of Covid they postponed the show until 2021. When it came time to register in 2021 I received an email that they were closing the show down permanently. My quilt never made it to the big show. I was really disappointed that I never got to see my quilt hanging in a big show.

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