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Hippy Dippy Flower -Part 3

I looked at the piece and decided to add some more elements. I tore apart some silk flowers and used the leaves to add and variety of texture and fibers. My fiber art quilt was finally starting to come together.

I arranged the stiffened doilies on the flowers. I had smaller ones for the littlest flowers and larger ones for the larger flowers. I had to think about how I could sew those on. I was thinking about the binding too. Did I want a binding or a knife edge facing?

I Googled different types of quilt edge finishes and decided on the facing. I had never put a facing on a quilt. I watched some videos and read some articles. The facing and label on before I attached the doilies. This was because I would have it face down on my lap hand stitching.

When I had the facing and label on it was time to attach the stiffened doilies. I borrowed some long needles from a friend. They were probably 6 to 8 inches long. I hand stitched the doilies on using black thread so you wouldn't see the stitches on the back.

Now how could I cover up the black stitching on inside the white doilies on the front. Maybe yo yos or folded rolled fabric would work. I decided to do a variety of different centers using fabric and silk petal pieces to add interest.

It's almost done put I had a few more ideas to make it just a little over the top. Part 4 will be soon.

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