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Handicap Quilter - I Can Rotary Cut

Rotary cutting was an impossible task for me in 2004 because of my handicap hands. Back then the only way I could cut fabric was with spring loaded scissors. If I needed long borders cut i would ask a friend to cut them for me.

My husband and I went yo a quilt show and Martelli Notions was at the quilt show. They were demonstrating their very unusual looking rotary cutter. I gave it a try and I could actually hold it. I was so excited! I would be able to rotary cut fabric. What a big change in my quilting life.

It wasn't hard for me to get used to using it because I couldn't use a regular shaped rotary cutter. I have heard from other quilters it's a little bit of a learning curve to get the hang of it. My fingers wrap right around yhe handle and I don't have to use my thumbs to hold it. The design of it was perfect for my hands. It comes either left or right handed.

The design has changed slightly over the years but the way you hold it hasn't changed. You have to buy their blades for their cutter. Other blades will ruin the screw in your cutter.

Martelli has fantastic customer service. You can get replacement parts like springs, screws, and the fan part for your cutter. They have designed many tools for quilting over the years. I have a large mat I bought from them and love it. It was well worth the money. If you have hand problems I hope you try the Martelli rotary cutter.

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