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Don't Go Batty!

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

When you take your #quilt to a longarmer, do you discuss the batting? A discussion with your #longarmer is important because batting makes a difference in how your quilt will look and feel. It can make your quilt look flat or puffy. It can shrink and make your quilt look crinkled. There also are battings that will not shrink. There are different thicknesses of the same type of batting. Depending on the type and thickness of the batting, it can drape softly or be stiff like a board. I recommend Quilter's Dream Batting, it quilts beautifully and washes well. It will help make your quilt last for decades. I carry Quilter's Dream batting in my studio for purchase.

• cotton - all natural and will shrink inside the quilt when washed. It will give you a crinkled look. It's warm and comes in different thicknesses.

• poly 80/20 blend - 80% cotton/ 20% polyester. It will shrink some but, not as much as the 100% cotton.

• polyester - washes extremely well with no shrinkage in cold water line dry. 1% shrinkage in warm wash and warm dry.

• wool - all natural. Machine washable in cold water and dryable on low setting with no shrinkage. Light, drapable, and warm.

• Dream Orient- this is a blend of bamboo, silk, poly, and cotton. It has a beautiful drape, softness, warmth, breathability, and strength to hold up to many washings.

• Angel - made specifically for baby quilts. 100% flame retardant.

■ Thicknesses of Batting

• Request - is Quilter's Dream thinnest batting. It's a great weight for a summer quilt or to use with heavy tops and backings like flannel or Minky.

• Select - a little thicker and will emphasize quilting stitches more.

• Deluxe - higher loft will add volume and warmth.

• Supreme - highest loft, very thick and warm.

Things to think about when choosing batting.

• What color batting do you need? Do you need pure white, natural or black batting so it doesn't distract from your quilt top.You wouldn't want a natural or black batting under a white quilt top nor would you want white batting under a black quilt top.

• Will it be washed a few times a week like a baby quilt? I would recommend Quilters Dream Angel for a #babyquilt it's 100% flame retardant and washes very well. For throw quilt that is used a lot and needs more washing I would recommend a polyester batting. For a wall hanging that you want to show off your quilting and doesn't need washed much I might recommend a polyester batting layered with a wool batting. The layering of both gives it a nice stiffer shape and a loft that will show off the quilting.

• Will it be used on your bed year round? I use the 80/ 20 blend on my bed quilts. I like the slight crinkled look, and it's a comfortable weight.

• The denser the quilting the less air pockets there are to hold warm air. If you want a warmer quilt, have wider spaced quilting.

I hope this makes you think about your quilt batting so your finished quilt will give you the warmth and look you like. If you like this blog please click Sign Up to get notified when I post.


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